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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

What is Inverite’s area of operations?

Inverite Insights is a Canadian FinTech company powered by forward-thinking experts providing  advanced bank verification with data enrichment, identity validation, or KYC tools, and financial risk assessment services including tailored risk scoring.

Where are the main business activities?

Inverite Insights’ services, including data enrichment and risk score technologies, are currently available throughout Canada, with potential for augmentation and adaptation to meet the verification needs of the U.S. market.

When was Inverite Insights founded and incorporated?

Inverite Insights Inc. (formally Marble Financial Inc.) was founded and incorporated in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2015.

Where is Inverite Insights located?

Inverite Insights is headquartered in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Stock Information

Where can I find information on the latest financial results?

Annual reports can also be found on SEDAR

How can I purchase shares in Inverite Insights?

Inverite Insights is a publicly traded company, and shares can be purchased through the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol INVR.

On which exchanges is Inverite Insights listed, and what are the ticker symbols?

Inverite Insights Inc. is listed on the CSE as INVR, OTC as INVRF, and FSE as 2V0

When was Inverite Insights' initial public offering (IPO) and what was the issue price?

Inverite Insights' IPO began in March 20, 2019, at an issue price of $0.20 per share.

Who is Inverite Insights' transfer agent?

Inverite Insights’ transfer agent is Odyssey Trust Company.

Financial Information

When is Inverite Insights' year-end?

Inverite Insights' fiscal year ends March 31st. Our first to fourth financial quarters end on June 30th, September 30th, December 31st and March 31st, respectively. 

Where can I find information on the latest financial results?

Inverite Insights' up-to-date financial information can be found on SEDAR

When does Inverite Insights report quarterly results?

Inverite Insights publishes its quarterly financial results for March 30th, June 30th, and September 30th.

Where can I find annual reports and other financial documents?

Inverite Insights' up-to-date financial information can be found on SEDAR

Who are Inverite Insights' auditors?

Inverite Insights’ independent auditors are Davidson & Company LLP.

Shareholder Services

How do I sign up to receive regular Investor Relations email updates?

You can receive regular updates by signing up for our investor list through the form below or by emailing 

Whom do I contact regarding investor inquiries?

Our investor relations director, Ethan, is always happy to answer investor inquiries. Contact him at